Meal Planning. Made Easy.

Welcome to Relish! The complete meal planning service designed to get you out of the dinner “taco Tuesday” dinner rut for good! Choose weekly menus, edit your sides, print or email your grocery list and you’re all set!

Customize the menu to your own tastes. Menus change each week allowing you to choose for your family’s needs. Need Gluten Free meals? We have an entire section devoted to everything gluten free. Check out the GFREE section to build healthy, kid-friendly GFREE meals!

Why Menu Planning?

We’re picking up what you’re laying down: too much to do, too little time. Frazzled, you dial up for pizza, thaw a frozen meal, and brace yourself for the family groanfest. Even if you like to cook, the chore of planning can zap your sass.

Gluten Free Meals

GFREE is a section of Relish devoted to gluten free dinners and special recipes (breads, desserts). Both Relish menus and Gfree menus are included in your Relish subscription.

Grocery Shopping Made Easy

Our food doesn’t come in an expensive box with small portions and ingredient packets. instead we provide the grocery list you use to visit your favorite store and choose your own meats and vegetables. You have to go to the store each week anyway, why not spend a few minutes more and grab your dinner ingredients yourself. We provide the tools and that’s all you need!

This is what we’re talking about…

Tired of chicken? Seeking salmon? Simply type in your craving and we provide recipes and menus for just what you want. And the best part is if you see something on sale and you want to load up, you can search by the ingredient and take your choice.

Scale it!
Relish! recipes are easily adjusted to serve 2, 4, 6 or 8 people, and the grocery list is automatically scaled, too.

Full Nutrition
We break down each recipe with a full listing of nutritional values including Weight Watcher® Points Plus!

Got the what-to-do-about-dinner dilemma?

It’s time to dish up dinner that gets yays, not nays. Stick with us, and we’ll turn your routine into real good.


How It Works:

  • Become a member of the Relish community and receive tons of member benefits. You can join on a 3-month, 6-month and 12-month subscription level.
  • Each Thursday morning you will receive an email from us and it’s your reminder that the new menu is up on the site. Log in and choose your menus. You can build your menu any day of the week, Thursday is when the new recipes flip over.
  • Click on the photo to view each recipe. We have different categories like Kid-Friendly, Quick, Simple Gourmet and Vegetarian.
  • Drag the recipe into your weekly menu and then go to the grocery list tab.
  • Scale recipes from 2-4-6-8 individually.
  • Add items to your grocery list or uncheck things on your list you already have. Print the grocery list and recipes or just print the grocery list.
  • Edit side selection, choose a different side, additional sides or no side at all.
  • Keep all of your favorite recipes in your favorites folder for quick reference.
  • Search our database for tons more recipes. Search by ingredient, category or title.
  • Monthly freezer meals are an extremely popular part of the site, make a few recipes on a rainy day and stock your freezer. We even provide the freezer labels to print out and place on your meal!
  • We provide fun and easy holiday and seasonal menus and special party menus.
  • Go to the store and come out armed with all of the meals you need for the week. No more last minute grocery visits or take-out.
  • Mobile App? Of course! Our site is mobile friendly, just go to on your browser and add it to your home screen.
  • Still not sure? Sign up for our 2 week trial to test us out.