Become an Affiliate


Affiliate Program:

As an affiliate you will earn commission on NEW customer orders that you refer to

Here is how it works:
You will earn a flat fee of $10.00 EVERYTIME and for WHATEVER level subscription when there is a NEW order placed on the site.

Highlights of the program include:

• A $10.00 flat fee commission on all closed sales.

• Monthly affiliate promotions. For instance, we might offer a bonus of $50 for your first 10 completed sales.

• 60 day cookies for conversion tracking. You get credit for any orders within 60 days of the original click placed by the customer!

• Dedicated Management Team

• Ongoing coupons and discounts to help improve your conversion.

• Product data feed for enhanced marketing capabilities.

Important: Bidding on the Relish! trademark is not allowed. This includes Relish, RelishRelish,

Visit Share A Sale and create an account to become an affiliate with Relish!