The Perfect Gluten Free Dinner Party

Simple, elegant and full of flair 

Relish! has always been the go-to source for quick and easy dinner parties that don’t break the bank. We have prepared a new fall dinner party that will have your guests scratching their heads wondering how you can be so fabulous?

The key to a successful dinner party is simple … keep it simple!

Do as much of the work in advance so when you’re guests arrive you can be breezy and fun! Make it seem effortless is the key to a relaxed vibe.  There’s nothing worse than arriving a dinner party and have the hosts run around all night, sweating and swearing and finally serving dinner at midnight!

Here are some tips for a successful dinner party.

1. Plan your menu carefully. Make sure you have a good mix of items that go in the oven, grill, microwave, etc.

2. Make as much as possible the morning of the dinner party. Place spices, herbs in prep bowls or have dried herbs out on the counter ready to go.

3. Set the table beforehand, clean wine glasses, etc. Use chargers instead of a tablecloth, this is a great look and a lot easier.

4. It’s fun to serve a signature cocktail for guests when they arrive.

5. Turn lights down and make sure to have good music in the background.

6. Always check your propane supply and your ice supply too!

7. Serve assembled appetizers and store-bought dessert. Olives, a chunk of Parmesan cheese, and a plate of prosciutto and melon require no cooking. All you have to do is put the food on a platter. Likewise, with dessert, offer ice cream and fresh in-season fruit and a simple cookie.

8. Decorate with flowers. An economical bunch of daisies or purple hyacinths in a glass vase make a colorful statement.

9. Clean as you go. Nothing will spoil your festive bliss more than a load of dirty pots and pans. Also, make sure your dishwasher is empty at the start of the party.

10. Finish strong. Don’t rush your guests out the door once dinner is over. Give them some relaxed time to visit and digest your well-played meal. Coffee and after-dinner drinks make the party last after the dishes have been cleared — and will leave your guests with lasting memories of a happy end to your get-together.

Check out the simple yet elegant dinner party we’ve prepared for the fall. Using the infamous Chicken Mirabella, couscous, delectable goat cheese salad and our favorite dessert, strawberries with Grand Marnier cream. We have the recipes, grocery list and handy planning tips.