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Mimosa Margarita- Two favorites in one glass!

Mimosa’s are a brunch-fun hit! But of our most favorite cocktails is a combo of our favorite breakfast drink and our favorite anytime drink! Enter the Mimosa Margarita. Grab some high-quality OJ and your favorite. . . READ MORE

Rock Hard Mango? Try a bag of rice!

Ripen a Mango Fast and Easy Few foods are better than a sweet, soft mango—and nothing’s worse than a stringy, tasteless rock that’s posing as one. The theory behind ripening a hard mango in rice. . . READ MORE

The secret to the perfect grilled cheese

Seriously, nothing brings us comfort more than a melty, buttery grilled cheese sandwich. This quick fare brings us back to our childhood when our moms would whip one up and pair with a cup of. . . READ MORE

Why do my burgers shrink on the grill?

Why do burgers shrink on the grill? We all know the shrinking feeling. You form these large hamburger patties, begin cooking them, and the next thing you know they’re half the size of the bun.. . . READ MORE

How To Grill the Perfect Burger

Burgers are the quintessential backyard summer menu and everyone has little tips and trickes on how to grill the perfect burger. Here is a quick outline of the dos and don’ts. 1.  Start with fresh. . . READ MORE

Basic Knife Skills

  Ok, Number one most important kitchen tool is a good knife. Period. Your knives are your most important kitchen tools and learning how to use a knife correctly will not only save you time. . . READ MORE

Put a Lid On It!

  Let’s clean up the container abyss! Let’s admit it. We all have areas of particular weakness and for most of us; we need to look no further than the space inside the cupboards where. . . READ MORE

Shortcut Success

Ten shortcuts for easier cooking: We live in a fast paced society and we don’t really have time to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals or baking goodies. We all wish we had time. . . READ MORE