Put a Lid On It!



Let’s clean up the container abyss!

Let’s admit it. We all have areas of particular weakness and for most of us; we need to look no further than the space inside the cupboards where the plastic storage containers lie in wait. We understand that a lot of time and effort has been spent on the collection and collaboration of plastics and we realize that we have nothing but good intentions. But maybe it’s time to let go of the dream and tackle the mayhem that lurks within our cupboards.

The first step towards recovery is to admit that you may have a problem

• . Hoarding plastic isn’t a positive trait and, aside from being a steady donor to the school art department, it does no one any good.

• Realize that you’re powerless over mismatched plasticware. Your life has become unmanageable and your quest to find the lid is futile.

• When the container has a red-tomato stain or is burnt from the dishwasher, it needs to follow the same path as the Vegomatic…O-U-T!

• Those disposable plastic containers only add to the chaos. They multiply and are never “disposed” of. On the other hand, freezer ziptop bags are your best friend and will be at your side through thick and thin.

• Take a personal inventory of your plastics and understand that more is not better. A well-stocked kitchen needs only about 6-8 good containers.

• There are people and places that can help restore kitchen sanity. It only takes about $30 at a mass merchant and a recycle bin and you’re walking down the road to recovery.

• Containers need to be stacked with the lids on at all times. No lid, no loyalty. You don’t need fancy organizational tools, drills and screws. Just a few well-appointed containers in a various sizes and if you run out of containers…then it’s time to purge.