What our subscribers are saying…

RelishRelish.com how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 

I was a subscriber for a year before I decided (for some crazy reason) to check out other meal planning websites. I can say with certainty, nothing compares to RelishRelish.

I love the meal selections, I love the freezer meals, I love the baking ideas for my kids’ lunches, I LOVE the variety! Everything tastes incredible, we never get bored of our meals, and the shopping list feature makes everything a breeze. The dashboard is so user friendly, and now I love the GF dashboard as well! There is so much to love about this website and all that it offers our family. I currently have a fridge and freezer full of meals for the next week! Our meals are nutrient dense. I only shop once per week now, we come home to incredible options for dinner, and I get to keep all of my favorites in my account! I just can’t say enough about this service!

Meal planning has been one the hardest chores to tackle in my marriage.

Matt and I are going on fourteen years and it has been a constant struggle of “what’s for dinner”.  I’d go to the store with no plan and come home with lots of groceries but nothing that would even resemble a meal.  We had some interesting combinations in the beginning like mac & cheese with canned baked beans.  Yep, that was dinner.  Oh, and lots and lots of spaghetti.  We also had the local pizza place on speed dial.  When we’d call, they’d ask us if we wanted the usual.  It was that out of control!  I worried about how we were eating and felt like I was really failing as a wife.  

Then, I found Relish through a daily deal site and jumped at the opportunity to try them.  The recipes looked mouth-watering and seemed doable.  The shopping list was organized and simple.  Relish was a huge hit in my household!  Dinner was on the table each evening without a single tear shed.  We were trying new foods and enjoying the dinner hour.  One year of drama-free dinners had faded the memory of kitchen chaos.  So when my subscription ran out, thinking all meal planning sites were the same, I went with the first one offering a deal.  What a mistake!  The recipes were bland and it was hard trying to pick out enough meals to fill a week. The sides were regularly French fries or a bag of chips.  (I’ve never eaten so many potato chips in my life, except maybe while in college.)  I was homesick for Relish but felt like I had to suffer through the remainder of my subscription.  Finally, it was up! 

I emailed Relish, told them I’d gone astray, and begged them to take me back.  Relish graciously welcomed me back.  Bless them!  Needless to say, I’m experiencing daily victories in the kitchen once again.  Thanks, Relish!!

What I love about Relish!

Every Thursday I log on to see, What meals Relish has put on for me. It’s always a thrill.

It couldn’t be easier.

As a mom of a baby boy who works full time with a long commute, I was having a hard time keeping up with all of the demands of work and motherhood. Eventually I decided that a few things had to change in order to keep my sanity. One thing that always seemed to drain my time was meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking. Since I couldn’t afford to hire chef for our family, I had to get creative in order to gain some of my precious hours back.The first thing I did was to begin ordering my groceries online. This helped a lot especially since it forced me to only get groceries every two weeks. However, I started to dread the weeks when I had to order groceries because I ended up spending several hours sifting through cookbooks to come up with a meal plan and make my list. Then I found Relish. It seemed like the perfect solution to my problems so I took a leap of faith and signed up.

I am so glad I did! After just one week my husband commented that it was the best week of meals in our marriage! So not only was it fast and painless to plan our menu but the recipes were good too. One thing that I really love is how flexible it is. I still order my groceries every 2 weeks so I just make my Relish plan every other week by pulling from the previous weeks archive as well as the current week. Thank you Relish for giving me back so many precious hours of time to spend with my family and for your easy, healthy and scrumptious meals.